Grouse Day 2016

Final Grouse Day
IMG 0901  Prize Table IMG 0902  MC - Mike Reeve IMG 0905  'Nearest the Pin'  winners - Mike King,  Hilary Black (x2) and Keith Smith IMG 0907  Team Captains Trophy - Andie Mudie
IMG 0908  Team Captains Trophy - Andie Mudie  (with added smile) IMG 0909  4th Place team = 'The Old Farts' - Neils Rmpton, Bill Tognarelli, Graham Lucas and Graham Darn IMG 0911  3rd Place Team - 'My Name is Rio' - Tony Warden, Maureen Warden, John Clarke and Margaret Clarke IMG 0913  Runners Up - 'Natural Hazzards' - Josie Hennessy, Martin Miller, Elaine Cummins and Keith Smith
IMG 0916  Handing over of the Grouse Trophy IMG 0917  Winners - 'Haggis Bashers' - Mike King, Karen King, Richard Oldham and Jack Appleyard IMG 0920  Winners acceptance speech