1st Round to be played by   Quarter Final to be played by   Semi Final to be played by   Final to be played by   Winner
  Monday 25th August   Sunday 21st September   Sunday 12th October   Sunday 26thOctober    
  Colette Lindsay  
1     Colette Lindsay  
  Pam Searle      
        Colette Lindsay  
  Sue Withrington          
2     Vicky Wheeler      
  Vicky Wheeler      
        Colette Lindsay  
  Yvonne Bone          
3     Yvonne Bone          
  Chris Macleod              
      Lyn Searle      
4     Lyn Searle      
      Colette Lindsay
5     Trish Lynch      
      Trish Lynch      
6     Alanna Marvin          
      Pat Thear  
Pat Thear      
7     Pat Thear      
Carol Johnson          
      Pat Thear  
Della Buchanan      
8     Della Buchanan  
Sue Graves   Rules:  Same as Hillier Cup