First Round Second Round Third Round Semi final Final
Sun 22 Aug 2010 Sun 05 Sept 2010 Sun 26 Sep 2010 Sun 10 Oct 2010 Sat 23 Oct 2010
(36 holes)
David Voges
Steve Hornby Steve Hornby
Steve Richardson Steve Richardson  
Jamie Wilson   David Primrose
David Primrose David Primrose  
Rob Fabb  
  David Primrose
Matt Seddon  
Fraser Graves Matt Seddon  
  Chris McLaren Winner
Neal Stockwell Chris McLaren  
Chris McLaren  
Jon Cannan
Steve Henderson Jon Cannan
  Jon Cannan
Peter Moore Peter Moore  
Dan Murray  
  Ross Buchanan
Alex Budd  
Ross Buchanan Ross Buchanan  
Steve Moore   Ross Buchanan
Robb Lott Steve Moore Steve Moore
Andy Mudie Jake Bocking
Jake Bocking
Please Note: 3.00 entry fees must be paid to the Pro Shop before play of first round matches.
Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
All rounds are to be played by the dates shown. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN.