First Round Second Round Semi final Final Winner
31/07/2011 H/cap 21/08/2011 11/09/2011 25/09/2011
(36 holes)
1 Dewi Williams 9.3  
Craig Small 18.2 Dewi Williams  
2 Duncan McGregor 11.7 Luke Rapley Dewi Williams
Luke Rapley 17.6    
3 Rob Lott 6.0     Rob Lott
Rob Hollinshead 18.1 Rob Lott Rob Lott  
4 Danny Murray 1.8 Danny Murray  
Andy Dunn 13.7   Rob Lott
5 Duncan Robertson 9.1  
Murali Thuri 22.7 Duncan Robertson  
6 Chris Lee 12.1 Tim Shoesmith Tim Shoesmith  
Tim Shoesmith 15.6   Tim Shoesmith
7 Neil Riley 11.1  
Nick Girling 17.9 Nick Girling Kenny McGregor
8 Kenny McGregor 8.2 Kenny McGregor
Paul Bocking 16.5
Please Note:  Playing handicaps shown above are to be used for the remainder of the tournament.
The handicaps are those that prevailed for the qualifying competition
All rounds are to be played by the dates shown except for the Final that will be played on SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER
The Final is played over 36 holes.
FULL handicap difference is applicable for this matchplay Rules and Qualification