Mixed Winter Greensomes 2019/20
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Group A Group B Group C Group D
Pam Mace Josie Hennessy Karen King Kim Ryan
Nick Mace Andy Morbey Mike King Sean Ryan
Sue Bennett Vicky Wheeler Katie Lavender Sarah Fairbairn
Alan Hedley Eddie Wheeler Stuart Watson Duncan Robertson
Nadean Burden Wendy Martin Lucy Oddy Jane Tye
David Burden Ross Martin Dave Oddy Simon Ledger
Results & Tables Results & Tables Results & Tables Results & Tables

All group matches to be completed by end of the year
Handicaps: 3/8 Combined - Full Difference
Schedule:   Quarter Finals   Semi Finals   Final   Winners
  by 15th March 2020   by 29th March  
Sue Bennett & Alan Hedley
Josie Hennessy & Andy Morbey Josie Hennessy & Andy Morbey
Karen King & Mike King Karen King & Mike King    
Kim Ryan & Sean Ryan    
Vicky Wheeler & Eddie Wheeler  
Pam Mace & Nick Mace Pam Mace & Nick Mace    
Sarah Fairbairn & Duncan Robertson    
Lucy Oddy & Dave Oddy
Final: 2019/20 Winners - 
Rules:  Mixed Winter Greensomes
Please record all results, both teams on the day of the match Bonus points will be calculated by the Organiser.
Any team who withdraws from the competition all their results will be null and void.
In the event of a tied position for qualification, after bonus points have been applied, the result of the original match will decide
If the original match was tied then a play off will take place to a conclusion.
Extensions will only be given (due to inclement weather) to the Competition as a whole and not to individual
matches or leagues. Notice of any extensions will be published on noticeboard and website.
Disputes are to be resolved by competing teams and the Organiser should only be consulted as a last resort.