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Known as 'The Stags', we are 5 and 7 day members aged 55 and over who meet every Monday and Wednesday between 07:30am and 09:30am. No need to book in advance ... simply turn up and play. Formed when Sutton Green opened in 1994 to cater for senior members, our numbers continue to grow along with a huge programme of events open to every Stag irrespective of handicap. Our Monday and Wednesday formats are shown opposite, by month. Any changes will be shown on this web page and Stags noticeboard in the Clubhouse.

New members welcome to join us in the roll-ups and the many competitions we hold.

Safe card marking in competitions

Do not swap cards

Agree whose card you are marking

Enter competition details, date as usual

Write player's name in column A and their handicap

The marking is then exactly as you would do normally, except at the end of the round, agree their score, enter the totals and YOU sign the card and leave it on desk behind reception.

The player does not need to sign the card.


2020 Seniors' Championship and Veterans' cup results

Champion (gross score)  Andie Mudie (167)

Runner-up                       Lawrence Miles (171)

Third                               Eddie Wheeler (178)


Winner (nett)                   Hratch Keoshgerian (146)

Runner-up                       Alan Turner (147)

Third                               Robin Lynch (150)


Day 1 Winner (gross)       Duncan McGregor (92) after countback

Day 1 Winner (nett)         David Burden (76)

Day 2 Winner (gross)       David Black (87)

Day 2 Winner (nett)         Bill Dent (70)


Veterans' Cup

Winner (gross)                 Alan Turner (181)


Tony Rix putter                 Hratch Keoshgerian (59 putts)



Monthly Medal

played on the last Monday or Wednesday of the month, March to September inclusive (except bank holidays). Register with duty Stag in main bar from 07:30am - 09:00am, sign in and pay £4 entry (includes '2's sweep). Tee off in 3 ball order.


played on non medal Mondays and/or Wednesdays. Check diary or website. Register, pay and play as for medals.

Nine hole stapleford competitions (winter)

Entry fee £2 (£3 if entering 9 hole birdie sweep). Prizes reflect number of 9-hole entries.

Team Events

as shown in diary or website. Details as medals except a scorecard will be issued with the names of players in order of arrival (3 ball).

Stags Roll up

Informal, friendly, no scorecard and ... no fee. Simply turn up on the first tee between 07:30am and 09:30am and make up a 3 ball. EXCEPTION IS, Stags club matches have priority from 08:30am to 09:20am, so do check the diary or website for dates.

Stags Club Matches

Match organiser, Gary Shepherd. Full details of matches, both home and away, are posted on sign up sheets on the Stags noticeboard 28 days in advance. The first tee for home matches is 08:30am. See 'Stag Matches' on menu for full details of all dates, venues and results.

Stags Events

These include Stags Championship, summer and winter singles / pairs / eclectics, away days etc. For full details of all events and organisers see Stags noticeboard and and in the Club Diary.

Main Club Events

Open to all 7 day members. 5 day members are eligible for Thursday Midweek Stablefords and Medals, Captain's Day, Beaujolais Day, Captains' Putt Out and Drive In. Check dates in members diary and main noticeboard.

Club Majors

Open to all 7 day members. 5 day members are eligible for The McMullan Seddon Trophy (mixed singles) and The Laura Davies Trophy (mixed pairs) only. Watch for sign-up sheets on main Club noticeboard.

Hole in One

11th October 2010 - Mr Alan Hall  (16th)
29th July 2013 - Mr Keith Thomas (11th)
15th December 2014 - Mr Duncan McGregor (3rd)
29th June 2015 - Mr Mike Searle  (16th)
23rd August 2015 - Mr Tony Peters  (5th)
10th June 2016 - Mr Howard Paget  (5th)
3rd October 2016 - Mr Dudley Davis  (5th)
5th June 2019 - Mr Hratch Keoshgerian (5th)
9th September 2019 Mr Duncan McGregor (5th)

Hole in One Fund

A payment of £2 covers you for up to £80 on submission of a bar bill, at home or away, if achieved in an official Stags event, as listed in the members diary. £2 is required each time a hole in one is achieved. Full details are on the Stags noticeboard or via Mick Mawson. A trophy is also awarded to each "Oneser"

Social Diary

Quiz Nights




Chairman - David Thompson
Vice Chairman - Lawrence Miles
Treasurer - Arthur Gadd
Match Organiser - Gary Shepherd

Monthly Schedule 2021


Wed 2nd  Team Event
Mon 7th   Stags v Pyford[H] & roll up
Wed 9th   Stags Stableford
Mon 14th  Stags Stavleford
Wed 16th  Stags v Drift[A] & roll up
Mon 21st  Stags v Richmond [H] & roll up
Wed 23rd  Stags Stableford
Mon 28th  Stags Medal
Wed 30th  Stags v Fulwell [H] & roll up


Mon 5th     Team event
Wed 7th     Stags v Milford[H] & roll-up
Mon 12th    Stags Stableford
Wed 14th   Stags v Chobham[H] & roll-up
Mon 19th    Stags v Cranleigh[H] & roll up
Wed 21st    Stags stableford
Thurs 22nd  Stags v Ladies 1st round
Mon 26th     Stags Championship Round 1
Wed 28th    Stags Championship Round 2   

Mon 2nd  Stags v Windlesham[H] & roll-up
Wed 4     Stags team event
Thurs 5th Stags away day
Mon 9th   Stags stableford
Wed 11th Stags roll up
Thurs12th Stags v Chobham [A]
Sat 14th   Stags & Ladies 9 Wine & Dine
Mon 16th  Stags stableford
Wed 18th  Stags v Drift [H] & roll-up
Mon 23rd   Stags medal
Wed 25th  Stags v Old Thorns[H] & roll up
Mon 30th   Bank Holiday
Tues 31st  Stags v Ladies 2nd Round